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marble gang saw

This is a block cutting gang saw for marble for the production of slabs at different thickness. Blocks of different size can be processed . They have a roughly parallelepiped shape having an overall worktable length of 3.3 meters, a worktable height of 2meters and a worktable width of 2meters.


SKJ-132 SKJ-145
Max.working dimensions (L×W×H) mm 3250×3300×2000 3250×3600×2000
Max. No. of blades 132 145
Blade length mm 4350 4350
Cutting feed mm/h 0-305 0-305
Blade stroke mm 800 800
Strokes per minute rpm 75-85 75-84
Main motor power KW 132 132
Overall dimensions(L×W×H) mm 14729×7200×6200 14829×7500×6200

The machine is special equipment used for the processing of marble stone, which is designed independently on the basic of absorbing the advanced structure of the world’s similar products. The stone cut by the machine should be kibbled, and the precision of the stone processed by the machine is very high with fast cutting speed, which makes the machine be the ideal equipment for marble stone’s processing. The pillar of the machine is made of metal with anti-uplifting device for the saw-frame, which can play the role of warning and slowing down the cutting speed when the speed is incompatible in the unit time.

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marble gang saw
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