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marble gang saw

The machine is used for cutting marble blocks, which is used on granite by special diamond segment. Our rich experience in making gang saw allows us to develop it and reach its construction quality, technical features and use of selected materials. The machine has a very sturdy structure in high quality steelwork with high quality sliding groups and constant lubrication, with stress resistant blade frame for keeping up the right tension of 80 blades. The electrical centralized switchboard groups all functions and supervisions of the machine.


Max. dimensions of blocks(L×W×H) mm 3250×2000×2000
Max. No. of blades 80
Blade length mm 4300
Cutting feed mm/h 0-300
Blade stroke mm 500
Strokes per minute rpm 75
Main motor power KW 75
Overall dimensions(L×W×H) mm 16215×5560×4500

The marble gang saw machine is used for cutting marble blocks into slabs at different thickness and sizes. Marble cutting machine saws marble by using special diamond segment. The diamond segments are fixed on circular blades, gang saws and circular multi-blade cutters, which are used for cutting. Since the first recommended in 90’s, the marble gang saw has been widely accepted and approved by the market with the features of compact structure, high precision, stable performance, easy maintenance, high capacity and low power consumption. Our rich experience of making marble cutting machine allow us to develop it and reach its higher construction quality, technical features and use of selected materials. The structure of the marble gang saw through computer-aided design system analysis and molding four integrated steel columns, which supports the main link, and strengthens stability and steel structure to fit high-speed sawing. The marble gang saw can provide precision diamond saw ride, maintain a simple linkage and transmission roller sawing. The features of solid structure, fast cutting, less power consumption, high capability, stable performance and low failure rate are gathered in this gang saw which is applicable to process marble slabs with various specifications.

stone cutting machine,Plant of gang saw
Plant of gang saw
The blades frame,marble gang saw
The blades frame
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Vertical sliding guides,stone cutting machines
Vertical sliding guides