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double and single cutting in tile polishing line

Ninesun Stone Machine Company is a specialized manufacturer & exporter of stone cutter, tile cutter, water jet cutting machine, marble cutter, granite cutter, thin slab cutting machine, saw cable cutter, block cutting machine, diamond cutter, automatic stone cutting machine.

Adopting the latest manufacturing technology and processing techniques, on the basic of the existing merits, the stone cutter cross beam and main column engine is of integrated design with simplexes structure. The stone cutter is mainly used for cutting the tile and thin slab which adopts water jet system. The tile cutter completely gets rid of the matching gap between the cross beam and the main column with little vibration force. The water jet cutting machine will not rise during cutting with high accuracy and quick efficiency.

There’re many advantages of using the CNC abrasive water jet for precision stone cutter, for that water jet cutting machine can cut the time necessary to produce complex stone cutting from weeks to hours. All operation is executed either manually by the operator or automatically by the program. The features of solid structure, fast cutting, less power consumption, high capability, stable performance and low failure rate are fastened by this stone cutter. With the features of intelligent control, convenient operation, high precision, high efficiency and stable performance, the stone cutter is your best choice to grind and polish high-value large-size tiles.

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