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Smoothing Thickness Gauging

Ninesun Stone Machine company is a specialized manufacturer & exporter of stone cutting machine, such as smoothing thickness gauging, stone processing machine, thickness gauging machine, granite polishing tile, granite polishing machine, marble polishing machine etc.

block smoothing thickness gauging

A grinding stone process machine that results in the uniform thickness of all pieces of material should be used together, so that it need to smooth thickness gauging, which is designed to measure the thickness of gem stone. With high-speed rotating diamond rollers to mill the slab surface and achieve an uniform thickness, the smoothing thickness gauging has merits of better flatness, higher processing speed and lower processing cost. The thickness gauge machine features stable working, easy operation, high processing quality and high efficiency. Since first recommended in 90’s, the machine has been widely accepted by the market with the features of compact structure, high precision, stable performance, easy maintenance, high capacity and low power consumption. Our rich experience in making smoothing thickness gauging allowed us to develop it and reach its construction quality, technical features and use of selected materials. With frequency control, the smoothing thickness gauging can run steadily and has less risks of damage.