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Drilling Machine

Specialized manufacturer & exporter of stone cutting machine, such as drilling machine, vertical drilling machine,core drill machine, diamond drilling equipment, drilling granite, glass drilling machine, stone drilling machine, milling machine, laser drilling machine etc.

drilling machine

The main body structure of drilling machine is designed rationally and has high hardness, which effectively ensures the durability and firmness, impact and vibration resistance, especially the dynamic head can provide enormous torque, thus promote the operation efficiency. Vertical drill machine is reasonable in structure, good in rigidity and supple in operation. High efficient double-speed electrical motor is adopted for the main electric motor. The switchboard on the vertical drill machine, with operation buttons, programmer and liquid crystal display on, is mounted on the right hand side of the machine. The switchboard can make the operator control the machine easily from the sawing area when the stone is being positioned. Drilling machine is mainly used on drilling stone tablets, rags and art ware.

This core drill machine is provided with high stability, high efficiency and a wide range of processing. It’s powerful and accurate and can cut perfect holes through stones. With the technology of CNC and semi-automatic, the drilling machine can cut holes in GRANITE at 1mm/sec. It’s designed for wet use and can cut the materials up to 45mm thickness. With assorted functions, the drill machine is convenient and efficient in operation, helpful for environment protection and energy-saving, and beneficial for comfortable and safe operations.